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Gerson Cotta Pereira

Gerson Cotta Pereira, Brazilian morphologist (Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro State 18 August 1942 – 02 January 2010)

Authored over 80 works

With J.F. David Ferreira described in detail the intraepithelial cels of mouse seminal vesicle concluding that are identical to lymphocytes

With Portuguese F. Guerra Rodrigo and J.F. David-Ferreira performed the first studies in the world about elastic system of extracelular matrix (1970s)

Observed that the oxytalan, elaunin and elastic fibers are present simultaneously in normal adult human dermis

With S. Bittencourt Sampaio. Distribuição das fibras elásticas, elaunínicas e oxitalânicas na derme superior em pele humana. Anais Bras. Dermatol. 46(4):333, 1971

Demonstrated the ultrastructural pattern of oxytalan fibers

With F.G. Rodrigo & S. Bittencourt Sampaio. Oxytalan, elaunin and elastic fibers in the human skin. Invest. J. Dermatol. 66(3):143-8, 1976

Developed a tannic acid-glutaraldehyde fixative

With F.G. Rodrigo & J.F. David-Ferreira. The use of tannic acid-glutaraldehyde in the study of elastic-related fibers. Stain Technol. 51(1):7-11, 1976

Observed oxytalan, elaunin and elastic fiber in the human skin

The Elastic System Fibers. Adv. Exp. Med. Biol. 79:19-30, 1977


With E.A. Radetic. Nova técnica de clareamento dos dentes despolpados (1987)

With T.R. Franco. Histological basis of abdominal skin tension lines. Anais Bras. Dermatol. 72(5):421-6, 1997

With H. Sage, P. Bornstein, P. Ross & S. Schwartz. Studies of morphologically atypical “sprouting” cultures of bovine aortic endothelial cells. Growth characteristics and connective tissue protein synthesis. J. Cell. Physiol. 102:183-91, 1980


Visting Professor, Institut Pasteur, France (1983), Maryland University, USA (1988) & Faculé de Medecine de Creteil, France