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Francisco de la Cruz

Francisco de la Cruz, Spanish-born Argentine physicist (Barcelona 01 May 1938 –

Authored over 150 works

First to determinate configurations and longitudes of superconductive vortices

Found that vortices provide an excellent model to study how an elastic hexatic structure responds to the presence of a structural rigid perturbation

Developed a methodology to measure the effective length of a vortex (1996)

Determinated experimentally the vortex melting and properties in layered superconductors

Discovered a new structural type of vortex

Explained the importance of coupling between layers in laminar superconductors 

Performed innovative application of vortices imaging techniques to a number of important problems

Developed and applied electromagnetic techniques to study of phase transitions in vortices matters


Visiting Researcher, Max Planck Institut (1975)

Foreign Associated Member, National Academy of Science, United States (2000)