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Enrique Cabrera

Enrique Cabrera Cosio, Mexican cardiologist (Ciudad de Mexico 15 July 1917 – Moscow 09 January 1964)
Demonstrated that Einthoven triangle is not an equilateral triangle (1945)
With Sodi Pallares, Vizcaíno & Soberón showed intracavitary potential in man and dog under normal conditions (1947)
With Sodi Pallares enunciated the concept of endocardioelectric deductive electrocardiography 
First related hemodynamics to electrocardiography (1950-2)

With Monroy Jr. introduced the physiologic, clinical and electrocardiographic data for systolic and diastolic overloading (1952)
Demonstrated the physiopathology of clinical auricular flutter
First recognized that Q increases (in magnitude) in diastolic overloads of left ventricle and decreases in systolic ones in Diagnostic contribution of the vectocardiogram in hemodynamic overloading of the heart (1960)
Authored La Teoria y pratica de la Electrocardiografia (Theory and Practice of Electrocardiography), translated into many languages such as French and Italian (1958)


Cabrera-Friedland sign (1953) 

Cabrera presentation  

Cabrera criterion

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