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Enrique Cabrera

Enrique Cabrera Cosio, Mexican cardiologist (Ciudad de Mexico 15 July 1917 – Moscow 09 January 1964)
Demonstrated that Einthoven triangle is not an equilateral triangle (1945)
With Sodi Pallares, Vizcaíno & Soberón showed intracavitary potential in man and dog under normal conditions (1947)
With Sodi Pallares enunciated the concept of endocardioelectric deductive electrocardiography 
First related hemodynamics to electrocardiography (1950-2)

Introduced the physiologic, clinical and electrocardiographic data for systolic and diastolic overloading 

With J.R. Monroy Jr. Systolic and diastolic loading of the heart. I. Physiologic and clinical data. Am. J. Heart 43:661-8, 1952

With J.R. Monroy Jr. Systolic and diastolic loading of the heart. II. Electrocardiographic data. Am. J. Heart 43:669-86, 1952

Demonstrated the physiopathology of clinical auricular flutter
First recognized that Q increases (in magnitude) in diastolic overloads of left ventricle and decreases in systolic ones in Diagnostic contribution of the vectocardiogram in hemodynamic overloading of the heart (1960)
Authored La Teoria y pratica de la Electrocardiografia (Theory and Practice of Electrocardiography), translated into many languages such as French and Italian (1958)


Cabrera-Friedland sign (1953) 

Cabrera presentation  

Cabrera criterion

Cabrera index