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Eduardo Hernán Charreau

Eduardo Hernán Charreau, Argentine molecular endocrinologist (San Fernando, Buenos Aires Province 27 May 1940 – Buenos Aires 23 March 2019)

Authored over 200 works

Discovered novel metabolic pathways in normal and pathologic tissues 

First to describe some molecular insulin and prolactin induced mechanisms about steroid metabolism of Leydig and luteal cells and in accessory sexual glands

Characterized the receptor for luteinizing hormone and prolactin in Leydig cells

Discovered that ovary resistance syndrome is due to circulating antibodies that affect the follicle stimulating hormone

Developed and characterized a prostagen induced mammary carcinogenesis model 

Demonstrated that prostagens can reproduce their proliferative effects  through 4 molecular families regulation such as insulin like factors, heregulin, tyrosine kinase type I activity receptors and growth factors type beta

First to report interaction  between progestin and the signal transduction pathways HRG/ErbB in mammary cancer (1999)

Explained the molecular failures of the reproductive system in experimental diabetes

Performed molecular characterization of the growth promoting effects of progestin hormones on mammary carcinogenesis

Showed the activity of juvenile hormone analogues on steroid biosynthesis