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Daniel Pedro Ferro Cardoso

Daniel Pedro Ferro Cardoso, Brazilian engineer and inventor (Natal 08 October 1837 – Rio de Janeiro 05 April 1899)



Pneumatic coffee-grain dryer (1877) and 4 improvements on it (e.g. Ferro Cardoso dryer 1886)  

Machine for peeling coffee grains

An apparatus for lower the temperature indoor (1863)

Brazilian formicide liquor (with Antonio Pinto Moreira) 1880

Prodigio Dryer for any objects or evaporate liquids employing barometric principle (1881)

A mechanical liquid evaporator (1890)

Insecticide and restorer for coffee plants (1882)

Refrigerator for buildings (1882)

A preparation for replacing brick in house buildings (1875)

A steam toaster for coffee, cacao, chicory and others (awarded in Universal Fair at Paris 1889)

Patent about improvement of healthy air status (1879)

A box for cigarettes production (1909) posthumous