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Daher Elias Cutait

Daher Elias Cutait, Brazilian surgeon (São Paulo 28 September 1913 – São Paulo 06 June 2001)

Son of Lebanese immigrants
Authored over 120 papers, 40 book chapters, 3 books and about 100 surgical films
With E.B. Montenegro. Construction of a new esophagus by means of the transverse colon and its applications for caustic atresia, carcinoma and varices of the esophagus. Surgery 44:785, 1958

First advocated direct suture rectopexy

Sacro-promontory fixation of the rectum for complete rectal prolapsed. J.R. Soc. Med. 52:105-6, 1959 (Suppl)

Developed abdominoperineal pullthrough resection with delayed colorectal anastomosis called Cutait-Turnbull  pull-through method or Swensson-Cutait surgery

Megacolo: Nova técnica de retossigmoidectomia abdominoperineal sem colostomia. Anais 11th Intern. Congr. Proctology 2:831-46, 1960 

With F.J. Figlioni. A new method of colorectal anastomosis in abdominoperineal resection. Dis. Colon Rectum 4:335-42, 1961


Honorary Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons, England