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Cruz-Coke family

Eduardo Cruz-Coke Lassabe, Chilean biochemist (Valparaiso 22 April 1899 – Santiago 18 March 1974)
From French mother and English grandfather


Developed the idea that molecular fluctuations exert a major influence on cells rather than that exerted by thermodynamics  anticipating J. Monod

Las transformaciones de la energia en los organismos vivos. Rev. La Clinica  4:517-30, 1927
Discovered tyrosine molecule in angiotensin
With J. Mardones & M. Plaza de los Reyes proposed a scheme of a number of biochemical reactions in renal hypertension mechanism


Developed chemical methods for inactivating angiotensin (1946)   
With L. Lapicque. Nouvelle methode de dialyse chloroformique. Compt. Rend. Soc. Biol. Paris 96:946-8, 1927
Sur une reaction chimique de la vitamine antirachitique. Compt. Rend. Soc. Biol. Paris 105, 1930
With F. Gonzalez & W. Hulsen. A simple method of purifying penicillin by means of synthetic resins. Science 101:340, 1945
A colour reaction of vitamine E with vitamine K and cysteine. Nature 181(4601):49, 1958


Doctor Honoris Causa, Université de Paris

Life Member, New York Academy of Sciences

Honorary Member, United States Surgeons Association

Vice-president, First International Congress of Biochemistry, Cambridge (1949)
His son, Ricardo Cruz-Coke Madrid, Chilean physician (Santiago 1925 –
Authored about 300 publications about medicine, genetics, ethics and history

Described a nomogram to estimate the chance of consanguinity for specific autosomal recessive diseases

Nomogram for estimating specific consanguinity risks. J. Med. Genet. 19(3):216-7, 1982
Sexagesimal scale for mapping human genome. Rev. Chil. Hist. Nat. 74(1):91-7, 2001

A general diagram of human genome. J. Med. Genet. 27:388-9, 1990