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Ping-tse Kao, Chinese astronomer (Shanghai 23 December 1888 – Taipei 23 March 1970)

He was cousin of Physics Nobel prize winner Charles K. Kao’s father

Honored in lunar crater Kao 

Dongsheng Yan, Chinese materials scientist (Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province 10 February 1918 – Shanghai 18 September 2016)

Developed carbon fiber reinforced composite and a new technology of bismuth germanate crystal growth 

Received Life Time Membership from American Ceramic Society 

Jici Yan, Chinese optician (Dongyang, Zhejiang Province 1900 – Beijing 1996)

First to determine exactly the phenomenon of quartz piezoelectric laws  

Honoured in minor planet 10611 Yanjici

Zhifu Ni, Chinese engineer and inventor (Shanghai May 1933 – Beijing 24 April 2013)

Invented Ni Zhifu drill with three tips and seven edges (1953)

Authored a host of technical improvements and inventions


Gold Medal, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 1985

Guanguang Zhong / Kuan-Kwang Tsoong, Chinese botanical collector (19 August 1869 – 12 September 1940)

Collected about 15,000 plant specimens

Honored in genus Tsoongia Merrill 1923 (Lamiaceae)