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Arturo Atria Osorio, Chilean physician (Coquimbo 05 October 1880 – Santiago 01 April 1936)

Discovered a method of isolating the smallpox vírus (1921)

Developed a new teaching method for children

Silabario biologico: Nuevo metodo para enseñar a leer, escribir y dotar al niño simultaneamente de los conocimientos fundamentales para la vida (1925) 

Mariano Balbino Berro Bustamante, Uruguayan botanist and chronist (Lavalleja Department 08 December 1833 - 26 August 1919)


La vegetación uruguaya (1899)

Las gramineas de Vera (1906)

Vegetales de Uruguay: nombres vulgares (1915)


Berroa Beauverd 1913 (Asteraceae)

Juan Alberto Eirale Bergero, Uruguayan physician (Montevideo 04 November 1870 - 1952)

Patented planes with delta wing being the first world patent on it (1909)

Gabriel Arnaldo Erazo Fernandez, Chilean mining engineer and mineralogist (Copiapó February 1943 -

Honored in species erazoite Schluter, Malcherek, Stanley, Dini & Molina Donoso 2017 (Mineral)

James Thomas Humberstone, English-born Chilean entrepneur (Dover 08 July 1850 – Iquique 12 June 1939)

Adapted Shanks system to saltpeter dissolution process (1876)

Improved refining process for saltpeter

Developed a system for obtaining water from machines


Humberstonite Mrose, Fahey & Ericksen 1970 (Mineral) 

Gustavo Jirón Latapiat, Chilean anatomist (23 May 1896 – 29 March 1973)

Founded a Teratological Museum, one of most complete in the world of this day (1933)

His work Sobre cisuras pulmonares in Arch. Chil. Morf. 1(1 & 2): 45-52 & 177-83, 1935 gained international repercussion

Tomás Rafael Leighton Donoso, Chilean mining and civil engineer (Valparaíso 15 September 1894 – 1967)

He was mineralogy Professor at Universidad de Chile

Honored in mineral leightonite Palache 1938 

Emiliano López Saa, Chilean mining engineer and mineral collector (Copiapó 08 May 1868 - 1959)

Authored Analisis de un mineral de fierro y ensayos de aleacciones de oro

Honored in mineral species lopezite Bandy 1937

Adolfo Emilio Schwarzenberg (Schwartzemberg), German-born Chilean chemical assayer (Cassel 02 December 1826 – Osorno 07 January 1907)

Honored in mineral schwartzembergite Domeyko 1864 

Angel Segundo Vazquez Galdames, Chilean pharmacist (1823 – Santiago 1897)

Performed plant chemistry studies

Developed many chemical devices

Bustillos-Vazquez method for preserving meat employing lime acetate