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Chediak Ahuayda brothers

Moisés Chediak Ahuayda and Alejandro Chediak Ahuayda were Cuban hematologists and sorologists from Lebanese descent. 

Moisés Chediak Ahuayda (Santiago de Cuba 06 January 1903 – Miami, USA 02 March 1993) 

Described the Chediak-Higashi disease despite the fact that the disease was discovered by Cuban A. Beguez Cesar in 1943
Chédiak, M. Nouvelle anomalie leucocytaire de caractere constitutionelle et familial. Rev. Hematologie 7:362-367, 1952.

Alejandro Chediak Ahuayda (?-?) 

Developed the Chediak test for syphilis serum diagnosis using only one drop of blood 
Chediak, A. El diagnostico de la sifilis practicado en una gota de sangre desecada y desfibrinada. Arch.Med.Inf. 1:3-14, 1932. 
Published Quick hemo micro-diagnosis for blood typing, Rh typing and syphilis, performed at the same time with a single drop of the blood, using antigens and original equipment. 1953. 
Patented Apparatus for laboratory investigations. US Patent 2561339. July 24, 1951.