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Central America

Gerardo Antonio del Carmen Herrera Chacón, Costa Rican plant explorer, collector and botanist (1948 - 

Discovered a hundred of plant new species to science sent to researchers in your country and United States

DESCBRIBED NEW PLANTAE SPECIES (with Hodel & Cascante 1997)

Chamaedorea incrustata

Chamaedorea piscifolia

Chamaedorea rosibeliae

Chamaedorea rossteniorum 

John Lunan Jr, Jamaican clergyman, political personality, judge and farmer (December 1769 – 23 December 1838) 

Authored Hortus Jamaicensis (1814)

Honored in genus Lunania Hooker 1844 (Salicaceae)

Desiderio Román y Reyes, Nicaraguan surgeon (Jinotepe, Carazo 09 August 1871 – Philadelphia, USA 1950)

Developed an operation that bears his name  

Guillermo Trigueros, Panamanian physician (Sonsonate 25 June 1875 – 27 May 1938)

Developed new medical treatments

Much of his works were reproduced in scientific societies of Europe and United States


El veneno de la Apis mellifera en la terapêutica de los alienados. Med. Latina (1937)

Hepatonefritis infecciosa (1935)

Amibiasis. Arch. Hosp. Rosales (1919)

Diarreas infantiles. Arch. Hosp. Rosales (1908)

Un caso de beri-beri. Rev. Med. Farmac. 12:277-82, 1903

Cecropia Mexicana. Su valor terapêutico