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Arturo Carrion

Arturo Lorenzo Carrión Pacheco, Puerto Rican medical mycologist and epidemiologist (Rio Piedras 15 August 1893 – San Juan October 1990)

Described the fungal species Rhinocladiella compacta 1935

Reported that Fonsecaea pedrosoi could be the etiological agent of chromomycosis (1935)

With C.W. Emmons. A spore form common to three etiologic agents of chromoblastomycosis. Puerto Rico J. Publ. Health Trop. Med. 11:114, 1935

Chromobiomycosis: new clinical type caused by Hormodendron compactum. Puerto Rico J. Publ. Health Trop. Med. 11:663, 1936

Cephalosporium falciforme sp.nov., a new etiologic agent of maduromycosis. Mycologia 43:522-3, 1951

Chromoblastomycosis and related infections. New concepts, differential diagnosis and nomenclatural implications. Int. J. Dermat. 14:27-32, 1975

Eponym of Pedroso-Carrión disease or chromoblastomycosis