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Antonio Paes de Carvalho

Antonio Paes de Carvalho, Brazilian electrical physiologist and entrepneur (Rio de Janeiro 13 June 1935 –
Authored at least 28 papers, 5 books and 10 book chapters

Obtained the first record of cellular electrical activity in atrioventricular node  

With Brian F. Hoffman. Transmembrane potential of single fibers of the atrioventricular node. Nature 181:66-7, 1958

Discovered the specialized pathways of atrial conduction and characterized its electrical activity

With W.C. Mello & B.F. Hoffman. Electrophysiological evidence for specialized fiber types in rabbit atrium. Am. J. Physiol.  196:483-8, 1959

Proposed the concept that cardiac muscle action potential consisted of two distinct components

With B. F. Hoffman & W. Langan. Two components of the cardiac action potentials. Nature 211:938-40, 1965