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Antonio Carini

Antonio Carini, Italian / Brazilian microbiologist and parasitologist (Sondrio, Lombardy Region 17 September 1872 – Milano 09 April 1950)

Described lamellar ichthyosis or Carini syndrome

Di una forma attenuate della cosidetta “ittiosi sebacea” (I. lamellare). Giorn. Ital. delle Malad. Ven. Pelle 82, 1895

Demonstrated that swine croup was que o garrotilho dos porcos is blood anthrax (1909)

Described a generalized mycosis in frogs and toads analogous to verrucous dermatitis

Sur une moissisure qui cause une maladie spontane de Leptodactylus pentadactylus. Ann. Pasteur (1910)


With Parreiras Horta discovered that bats can transmit rabies (1911). This fact was confirmed by German scientists in 1914

Sobre a epizootia da raiva observada no Estado de Santa Catarina. Morcegos propagadores da moléstia. Chácaras e Quintaes 3(6), 1911
First to report natural toxoplasmosis of birds (1911)
Discovered causative agent of pulmonary tuberculosis in mice (Carini pneumonia) that was named Pneumocystis carinii in his honor (1912)
Identified Leishmania brasiliensis (1909) independent of Lindemberg
With A. Lindemberg established procedures for laboratorial diagnosis of leishmaniasis

Showed the epidemic paronychia as a special localization of tropical ulcer

Oxonyxis ulcereux phagédénique. Bull. Soc. Path. Exot. 10 (1915)

Determinated arsenic-based treatment for bovine piroplasmosis

Proved the beneficial action of quinine hydrochloride on skin lesions of amebiasis



Valid Genera

Bertarellia 1930

Dermosporidium 1940

Pintospora 1944

Rangelia 1915 with Maciel