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Antonio Brito da Cunha

Antonio Brito da Cunha, Brazilian geneticist (São Paulo 17 June 1925 – Brasilia 02 December 2019)

Proposed the adaptive polymorphism (genetic variability correlated to degree of ecological diversity of environment that species live)

With H. Burla & T. Dobzhansky. Adaptive chromosomal polymorphism in Drosophila willistoni. Evolution 4(3):212-35, 1950


Developed a cage for Drosophila populations

Genetic analysis of the polymorphism of color pattern in Drosophila polymorpha. Evolution 3:239-51, 1949 

With W.E. Kerr. A genetical theory to explain sex determination by arrhenotokous parthenogenesis. Forma et Functio 1:33-6, 1957

Developed a method for chromosomal analysis taking account the location of lethal factors and its interrelationships

With L.E. Magalhães & J.S. Botelho. The nature of lethals in Drosophila willistoni. Genetics 53:559-608, 1965

Presented a model of chromosome structure for explaining how the genetic redundance could origin and how DNA produced in excess could be related to chromosome

With C. Pavan. Gene amplification in ontogeny and phylogeny of animals. Genetics 61 (Suppl): 289-304, 1969

Developed methods for maintenance of Dipteran Sciaridae

With J.S. Morgante, J. Marques & I. Romeo. Métodos para a criação de alguns Sciaridae (Diptera). Rev. Bras. Entomol. 14:33-40, 1970

With T. Dobzhansky

With O. Pavlovsky & B. Spassky. Genetics of natural populations. XXVIII. Supplementary data on the chromosomal polymorphism in Drosophila willistoni in its relation to the environment. Evolution 13:389-404, 1959

With C. Pavan. Heterosis and elimination of weak homozygotes in natural populations of three related species of Drosophila. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 43(2):226-34, 1957

Differentiation of nutritional preferences in Brazilian Drosophila. Ecology 36:34-9, 1955

A further study of chromosomal polymorpphism in Drosophila willistoni in its relation to the environment. Evolution 8:119-34, 1954

With A. Sokoloff. On food preferences of sympatric species of Drosophila. Evolution 5:97-101, 1951

With H. Burla. A comparative study of chromosomal polymorphism in sibling species of the willistoni group of Drosophila. Am. Nat. 89:229-46, 1950

With H. Burla, A.G.L. Cavalcanti & C. Pavan. Population density and dispersal rates in Brazilian Drosophila willistoni. Ecology 31(3):393-404, 1950

With H. Burla, A.R. Cordeiro, C. Malagolowkin & C. Pavan. The willistoni group of sibling species of Drosophila. Evolution 3(4):300-14, 1949


Papers in Nature

Chromosomal inversions with sex-limited effects. Nature 172:815, 1953

A further analysis of the polymorphism of Drosophila polymorpha. Nature 171:887, 1953

Papers made to order

Chromosomal polymorphism in Diptera. Advanc. In Genet. 7:93-138, 1955

Chromosomal variation and adaptation in insects. Ann. Rev. Entomol. 5:85-110, 1960

With C. Pavan, Chromosomal activities in Rhynchosciara and other Sciaridae. Ann. Rev. Genetics 3:425-50, 1969 



Drosophila arapuan 1947 with Pavan

Drosophila ararama 1947 with Pavan

Drosophila arassari 1947 with Frota-Pessoa

Drosophila (Sporophora) bocainensis 1947 with Pavan

Drosophila bromelioides 1947 with Pavan

Drosophila caponei 1947 with Pavan

Drosophila (Sporophora) tropicalis 1949 with Burla


Schneideria schmeiderae 1975 with Morgante, Malavasi, Marques & Garrido