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Antonio Barros de Ulhoa Cintra

Antonio Barros de Ulhoa Cintra, Brazilian internist and endocrinologist (São Paulo 13 September 1907 - São Paulo 23 December 1998)


Described a new disease entity, a variation of Fanconi syndrome, characterized by lack of the glycosuric element in his thesis Doenças Osseas Metabólicas (1949)

Reported the first case in the literature of the incidence in the male

With A.L. de Almeida, H.L. de Oliveira & E. Mattar. Syndrome characterized by nanism, gonadal insufficiency and congenital deformities with normal function of the anterior pituitary. Arq. Clin. 10(2-3):94-102, 1950

Described a syndrome of amenorrhoea, galactorrhoea and primary hypothyroidism

With A.R. Hennes &B.L. Wajchenberg. A syndrome characterized by hypothyroidism and galactorrhea. Port. Med. 44:693-702, 1960 

With G.A. Medeiros Neto & J.A. Levy. Congenital hypothyroidism with dishormogenesis accompanied by muscular hypertrophy. Acta Endocr. Panam. 3:79, 1972 


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With A.G. Silva & F.B. de Jorge. Determinação quantitativa do enxofre nos materiais biológicos. Rev. Bras. Med. 21: 491-4,1964 (a turbidimetric procedure for carrying out sulfur determinations)

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Papers in top journals

With A. Borelli, M.O. Leite & I. Mariani. Carbohydrates in the non-dialysable fractions of filtered urine in hyperparathyroidism. Lancet 1 (7276):290-2, 1963


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Contribuição para o estudo da exploração funcional do fígado. Thesis (1940)

Sobre a imunidade natural à difteria. Doctoral Thesis (1931)

With W. Bloise, W. Nicolau, B.L. Wajchenberg, R.R. Pieroni et al. Thyrotoxic crisis and electrolyte disturbances in a patient with functioning metastatic carcinoma of the thyroid

With A.L. Almeida, I. Rapoport & A.M. Leite. Esplenoportografia e manometria por via percutânea.