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Ana Maria Cetto

Ana María Cetto Kramis, Mexican physicist (Ciudad de Mexico 18 February 1946 –

From German father and Swiss-descent mother

Authored 110 papers and 11 books

With L. de la Peña developed a formalism in stochastic quantum mechanism that properly distinguishes classical from quantum stochastic processes

Established various quantum effects of the zero-point field

Made central contributions to stochastic electrodynamics being invited to write the book The Quantum Dice: An Introduction to Stochastic Electrodynamics (1996)

SOME BIBLIOGRAPHY (with L. de la Peña)

With A. Valdés Hernandez. Quantum behavior derived as an essentially stochastic phenomenon. Phys. Scripta  T151 (2012)

With A. Valdés Hernandez. Quantization as an emergent phenomenon due to matter zero-point field interaction. J. Phys. Conf. Series 361(1), 2012

With A. Valdés Hernandez. Quantum mechanics as an emergent property of ergodic systems embedded in the zero-point radiation field. Found. Phys. 39:1240, 2009

Electron system correlated by the zero-point field: physical explanation for the spin-statistics connection. J. Phys. Conf. Series 701(1), 2008

The foundations of linear stochastic electrodynamics. Found. Phys. 36(3), 2006

Contribution from stochastic electrodynamics to the understanding of quantum mechanics (2005)

Planck’s law as a consequence of the zero-point radiation field. Rev. Mex. Fisica 48:1-8, 2002 (Suppl.)

Quantum theory and linear stochastic electrodynamics. Foundations of Physics 31(12):1703-31, 2001

Estimate of Planck’s constant from an electromagnetic Mach principle. Foundations of Physics Letters 10(6):591-8, 1997

Simple relationship between energy and adiabatic invariants for systems with a power-law potential. Am. J. Physics 52:539-42, 1984

Schrödinger equation derived from stochastic electrodynamics. Phys. Letters A 62(6):389-90, 1977

Derivation of quantum mechanics from stochastic electrodynamics. J. Math. Phys 18:1612, 1977

Stochastic electrodynamics as a foundation for quantum mechanics. Phys. Lett 56(4):253-4, 1976

Stochastic theory for classical and quantum mechanical systems. Found. Physics 5:355-70, 1975

The harmonic oscillator in a random electromagnetic field: Schrödinger equation and radiative corrections (1974)

Stronger form for the position-momentum uncertainity relation. Phys. Lett. A 39:65, 1972 

Self-interaction corrections in a nonrelativistic stochastic theory of quantum mechanics (1971)

Lagrangian form of stochastic equations and quantum theory Phys. Lett. A 29:562-3, 1969


Segner Award (2005)

Doctor Honoris Causa, Tajikistan National University (2007)

Honorary Doctorate, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (2010)

Honorary Member, Royale Academie Belge des Sciences de Outre-Mer (2012)