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Aloysio de Castro

Aloysio de Castro, Brazilian clinician (Rio de Janeiro 14 June 1881 – Rio de Janeiro 07 October 1959)


First to use cinematography on lateral gait

Used flank walk as a sign of ataxia

Described the deviation of position of upper limbs during gait in athetosis

First to use cinematography on runoff gait in beribéri

Demonstrated that in some certain types of paralysia agitans there is a similarity with rhizomelic spondylosis (1911) independently from Tilne

Pointed out the sign of the ocular sprocket in the side excursions of Parkinson’s syndrome

Pointed out the diadochokinesia as a sign of Huntington chorea (1912)

First to point out the importance of synkinesias in athetosis (1912) before Pierre Marie & Foix

Described the triangle deviation of the mouth in facial paralysis

Reported the third case of Recklinghausen syndrome with acromegaly but the first case of this association with pathogenic relations (1911)

Described Tapia pseudo-syndrome

Reported Babinski sign in common anemias (1926) and benign jaundice

Reported the Brudzinski centro-lateral reflex in adult meningitis

Described local skin reflex of mentum (1926)

Described a new kind of reflex of automatism in hemiplegia

Described a type of extension of the large toe in hemiplegia simultaneously with the associated bending motion antagonist to Cacciapuoti paretic thigh

With Oscar de Souza proposed the term genito-glandular dystrophy (1917)

Described the first case of dextrocardia, transposition of stomach, liver and spleen without gastric inversion 

With Baptista & Schilde concluded the constancy of pituitary duct in Felidae

Named oxycephalus-syndactyly

Described 2 new hypermetric tests being one of them the handshake sign

Described the phenomenon of bilateral forced flexion in hemiplegic coma  

Developed a special test for studying the asynergy in the walk

Reported the phenomenon of fingers dance in spasmodic hemiplegia

Verified the constancy of muscle hypotonia in diabetes 


Aloysio de Castro manoeuvre

Sobre a interpretação do sinal de Babinski. Brasil Médico, 1927.

Aloysio de Castro sign

Sinal de Brudzinski na meningite dos adultos. Brasil Médico, 1912.
Aloysio de Castro sign or statue face in periferic facial diplegia


Brasil Medico XLVIII (44):920-4, 1934