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Alcides Carvalho

Alcides Carvalho, Brazilian agronomist and plant geneticist (Piracicaba, São Paulo State 20 September 1913 - Campinas, São Paulo State 18 April 1993)
Published 272 scientific papers about Coffea sp.

Studied genetic improvement of coffee plant, developed varieties with more productivity in various environments and resistant to agricultural pests

With M.N. Rhoades. A função e a estrutura dos plastídeos das células parenquimatosas que envolvem os feixes vasculares da folha do milho. Bragantia 6:189-202, 1946

With C.A. Krug, J.E.T. Mendes & A. Carvalho. A new type of coffee. Bragantia 10(1):11-25, 1950 

With C.A. Krug. Genetical proof of existence of coffee endosperm. Nature 144 (3646):515, 1939

With C. A. Krug & J.E.T. Mendes found many new varieties of coffee plants

With C. A. Krug & J.E.T. Mendes performed the main researches concerning to coffee plant genetics in the world 

Proposed a new grouping of species from Eucoffea section  

With L.C. Monaco. Genetic relationships of selected Coffea species. Cien. Cult. 19:151-65, 1967


Mundo Novo (1952)

Acaiá (1960s)

Catuaí Vermelho & Catuaí Amarelo (1972)

Caturra Vermelho & Caturra Amarelo

Icatu vermelho, Icatu amarelo & Icatu precoce (1992)

Bourbon Amarelo & Bourbon Vermelho







Approximately 90% of coffee varieties in Brazil and other countries were developed by him (data from 1993)