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Alberto Ciancia

Alberto Osvaldo Ciancia Rochon, Argentine ophthalmologist (Puán, Buenos Aires Province 26 January 1924 -

Described Ciancia syndrome

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La esotropia em la lactante, diagnóstico y tratamiento. Arch. Chil. Ophth. 9:117, 1962


Proposed recession of the superior oblique muscles to correct A patterns of up to 35 PD, a technique used universally

With J. Prieto Díaz. Retroceso del oblicuo superior (1970)


A technique for en Z elongation of upper oblique tendon (1977)

With N. Melek. A new treatment of anomalous correspondence in intermittent exotropias. Arch. Oftalm. Buenos Aires 44(5):108-19, 1969

With H.A. Garcia, J.R. Lavin & N. Massimino. A new and practical model transducer fórceps for measurement of active and passive forces in eyes movements. Binoc. Vis. 2:69-76, 1987