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Adelmar Faria Coimbra Filho

Adelmar Faria Coimbra Filho, Brazilian primatologist (Fortaleza 04 June 1924 – Rio de Janeiro 27 June 2016)

Authored over 200 works

Gained international renown for his studies on primates conservation mainly lion tamarins

Founded the Centro de Primatologia do Rio de Janeiro, the world’s first institute to aim primarily primates conservation (1975)

First to breed Lion tamarins in captivity

Observed the habit of tree-gouging and gum-eating among the marmosets of Brazil

Aspectos inéditos do comportamento de saguis do gênero Callithrix (Callithricidae, Primates). Rev. Bras. Biol. 32(4):505-12, 1972

With R. A. Mittermeier. Exudate-eating and tree-gouging in marmosets. Nature 262:630, 1976

Showed the inversion of reproductive phases in primates due to boreal-austral hemisphere migration

With A. de A. Maia. As fases do processo reprodutivo de Macaca mulatta Zimmermann 1780, na ilha do Pinheiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (Cercopithecidae, Primates). Rev. Bras. Biol. 37(1):77-8, 1977 

With A. de A. Maia. A sazonalidade do processo reprodutivo em Leontopithecus r. rosalia (Linnaeus, 1766) (Callithricidae, Primates). Rev. Bras. Biol. 39(3):643-51, 1979


Described Callithrix kuhlii 1985, a new marmoset species

First to breed Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) at sea level


Australian primatologist Colin Groves called him living legend of primatology in his book Primate Taxonomy (2001)