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Wilson Teixeira Beraldo

Wilson Teixeira Beraldo, Brazilian pharmacologist (Silvianopolis, Minas Gerais State 20 April 1917 – Belo Horizonte 28 July 1998)
Known internationally as an expert in vasoactive polypeptides

Co-discovered bradykynin

With M. Rocha e Silva & G. Rosenfeld. Bradykynin, a hypotensive and smooth muscle stimulating factor released from plasma globulin by snake venoms and by trypsin. Am. J. Physiology 156:261-73, 1949.
Demonstrated bradykinin release in anaphylactic and peptonic shocks   
Demonstrated urinary kallikrein is of renal origin 

Substance U – a depressor and smooth muscle stimulating principle present in urine

Demonstrated that granulations of mast cells store histamine 

With L.C.U. Junqueira, I. Mota e Albuquerque & R.G. Ferri. Intracellular distribution of histamine. Nature 174:698-9, 1954

Held nearly 2,000 citations 

Papers in Nature

With L.C.U. Junqueira, I. Mota & A.G. Ferri. Action of peptone on mastcells of the dog. Nature 173:547, 1954

With O.B. Henriques & M. Fichman. Bradykinin-releasing fator from Bothrops jararaca venom. Nature 187:414-5, 1960 


Member, New York Academy of Sciences