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Willy & Maria Luiza Beçak

Willy Beçak, French-born Brazilian geneticist and biologist (Mulhouse 26 October 1932 - 

Performed classical studies in literature about sex determining mechanisms and evolution in cytogenetics

With spouse M.L. Beçak authored the first comparative study about snakes sex chromosomes  (1964) 

Comproved differences in chromosomal mechanism of sexual differentiation and constancy of DNA amount in genome of distinct species

Described Odontophrynus barrioi 1982 with Cei & Ruiz (Amphibia)

With A. Cianciarullo, E. Leme, I. Raw & F.S. Kubrusly. Ultrastructural chemical reaction to detect saturated phospholipids of a natural lung surfactant. Biotechn. Letters 23:1202-6, 2001


With M.L. Beçak & B.J. Schmidt. Chromosome trisomy of group 13-15 in two cases of generalized congenital analgesia. Lancet 281:664-5, 1963

With R.C. Stocco dos Santos, O.C.O. Barreto, K. Nonoyama et al. X-linked syndrome: Mental retardation, hip luxation, and G6PD variant [GD(+) Butantan]. Am.J. Med. Genet. 39(2):133-6, 1991

With B.J. Schmidt, M.L. Beçak, I. Soibelman, F. Secaf et al. Metaphyseal dysostosis: review of literature; study of a case with cytogenetic analysis. J. Pediat. 63:106-12, 1963 (spondylometaphyseal dysplasia, Schmidt type or Algerian type)


His wife Maria Luiza Pires de Camargo Beçak (São Paulo 01 June 1934 -    )

Discovered polyploidy in natural vertebrates (Anura amphibians)

M.L.Beçak, W. Beçak & M.N. Rabello. Cytological evidence of Constant tetraploidy in the bisexual South american frog Odontophryne americanus. Chromosoma 19: 188-93, 1966.

Proved the occurrence of spontaneous mechanism of polyploidy


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