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Walter Borzani

Walter Borzani, Brazilian biotechnologist (São Paulo 07 November 1924 – São Paulo 28 February 2008)

Authored about 200 papers

Performed works with international repercussion about continuous alcoholic fermentation

Developed a continuous process of alcoholic fermentation in a single fermenter (1955)

With P.A.S. Podlech. An empirical correlation between the oil drop size distribution in hydrocarbon-water systems, oil concentration, and impeller speed. Biotechn. 18:141-2, 1976

Developed production process of fungal amylase, banana juice and protein concentrates of macrobiotic origin 

With Falcone developed a banana medium for yeasts (1960)

Developed the vital staining of dead yeast cells with methylene blue

With M. Vairo. Quantitative adsorption of methylene blue by dead yeast cells. J. Bacteriol. 76:251-55, 1958

With M. Vairo. Adsorption of methylene blue as a means of determining cells concentration of dead bacteria in suspensions. Stain Technol. 36:77-81, 1960


With M. Vairo. New colorimetric methods for the determination of total yeast concentration and for measurement of the percentage of dead yeast cells (1958)

With M. Torloni. A filtration method for the determination of concentration of microorganisms in air. Appl. Microbiol. 6(4):252-4, 1958

With M. Falcone & M.L.R. Vairo. Processo simplificado para a dosagem de açúcares redutores totais em melaço de cana. An. Farm. Quim. São Paulo 10(5/6):69-72, 1959 

A simple technic for direct counting of microrganisms. St. Techn. 35:49, 1960

With M.L.R. Vairo. Adsorption method for determining the percentage of dead cells in suspensions of Sarcina lutea. J. Bacteriol. 80:574, 1960

Adsorption method for measuring the specific and average areas of cells. J. Biochem. Microb. Techn. Engin. 3(3):235-40, 1961

With Marina L.R. Vairo. Precise adsorption method for measuring the percentage of dead bacterial cells. Appl. Microbiol. 10(6):500-3, 1962

With M. Torloni. A new technique for counting colonies developed on membrane filters. Biotechn. Bioeng. 4(4):411-2, 1962

Adsorption of dyes as a means of determining the corrected specific areas of cells. Anais Acad. Bras. Ciencias 37(33-4):453-6, 1965

With P.A.S. Podlech. A radiometric method for determination of the oil drops size distribution in hydrocarbon-water systems. Biotechn. 13:685-9, 1971

With E.W. Leser, C.M.S. Venosa & V.M.N.C. Martins. Sieving method for the determination of mold concentration in heterogeneous culture media. Biotechn. Bioeng. 14(2):273-7, 1972

With M.L.R. Vairo & R.B. Brown. A modified adsorption method for measuring the specific areas of microbial cells. J. Ferm. Technol. 52(6):364-8, 1974

An emprirical equation for evaluation of specific interfacial area in hydrocarbon-water agitated systems (1977)

With M. Vairo. Determination of the volume fraction of yeast cells in a sediment or in a suspension. Biotech. Letters 5:247-52, 1983

A general equation for the evaluation of the error that affects the value of the maximum specific growth rate. World J. Microbiol. Biotechn. 10(4):475-6, 1994

With S.J.D. Souza. A simple method to control the bacterial production of cellulosic films in order to obtain dried pellicles presenting a desired average thickness. World J. Microb. Biotechn. 14(1):59-61, 1997

With A.C.R.A. Trojano & R.A. Villen. A relativity simple and rapid method of thermal destruction of yeast cells. Cien. Tecnol. Alimentos 18(4):453-5, 1998

With G.L. Salomão, J.C. Martins & V. Alonso. A simple method to control the moisture content of the fermenting medium during laboratory-scale solid-state fermentation experiments. Braz. J. Chem. Engin. 16(1):101-2, 1999

A weighing method to identify the microbial growth phases in solid-state fermentation tests. World J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 16:601-5, 2000


With H. Hiss. A generalized kinetic model for the study of microbial growth. Biotechn. Bioeng. 25:3079-87, 1983

With H. Hiss. A simplified surface model for the kinetic study of hydrocarbon consumption by yeasts. J. Ferm. Techn. 57(1):61-3, 1979

With B.R.V. Concone, M.L.R. Vairo, P.A. Doin & J. Kovacs. A surface model for the kinetic study of hydrocarbon utilization by yeasts. Recent Adv. Microb. p.419-25, 1971


With M.L.R. Vairo. Liquid feeder for constant low rates. Industr. Engin. Chem. 51:71-2, 1959

With M.L.R. Vairo. A simple differential fermentograph (1959)  

A simplified device for manufacture of micropipettes and microneedles. St. Techn. 35:150, 1960

With M.L.R. Vairo. A simple device for level control improvement in small scale continuous fermenters (1972)

With S. Vaisbich. Airlift for bacterial leaching tests (1979)

Simple valve for constant low-rate liquid feeder (1979)

A simple device for measurement of small feed rates in laboratory-scale fermenters. Biotechn. 24:1451-4, 1982


Sobre uma equação das hipérboles características na criometria das soluções concentradas. Anais Assoc. Quim. Brasil 6:34, 1947

Uma relação entre a tensão superficial e a viscosidade da agua.  Anais Assoc. Quim. Brasil 6:87, 1947