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Waldemar Berardinelli

Waldemar Berardinelli, Brazilian endocrinologist (Jacareí, São Paulo State 27 June 1903 – Rio de Janeiro 26 January 1956)

Described Seip-Berardinelli syndrome or congenital total lipodystrophy (1954)

An undiagnosed endocrinometabolic syndrome: report of 2 cases. J. Clin, Endocrinol. Metab. 14 (2):193-204, 1954.  

Described Berardinelli disease or post matrimonial jaundice


Described a new endocrine and metabolic syndrome related to somatotropin

With J.G. Cordeiro, D. Albuquerque & A. Couceiro. Nova síndrome endocrinometabolica provavelmente ligada à hiperfunção global da somatotropina. Arch. Bras. Endocrinol. 2(2):97-121, 1953

Described a new metabolic and humoral syndrome of acromegalia 



Berardinelli sign, seen in biliary estasis 


Berardinelli sign, a proeminence seen in capillaries of diabetic patients


Berardinelli sign or bilateral oedema of eyelids 

Oedeme des paupieres inférieures dans les cholecystopathies. Lyon Chir. 46:349, 1951.

Proposed new histophysiological unities

Unidades histo-fisiologicas: o cicloson. Med. Cir. Farmacia 98:254-9, 1944

With H. Povoa. Sistema angio-histio-lacunar. Ann. Soc. Med. Cir (1937)

Eponym of Berardinelli morphological type

Conceived hyperpressure method to study the capillary resistance (1930)


Authored Tratado de Biotipologia e Patologia Constitucional (Treatise of Biotypology and Constitutional Pathology) in 1942, a worldwide recognized book translated to many languages 


Lombroso Prize, Reale Accademia di Medicina, Italy (1933)