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Victor L. Badillo

Victor Lasala Badillo, Philippine amateur astronomer (23 January 1930 –


VHF Scintillations and TEC at Manila (1981)

With W.R. Barron, E.W. Cliver & D.A. Guidice. An Atlas of selected multi-frequency radio bursts from the twentieh solar cycle (1980)

Solar microwave bursts accompanying proton events (1979)

Low latitude PC3 and PC4 micropulsations (1977)

Possible Fermi mechanism of solar cosmic rays (1976)

Moro Gulf Tsunami of 17 August 1976

With J.E. Salcedo & R.A. Panotes. Solar effects on geomagnetic micropulsations and VLF phase shifts (1975)

With J.E. Salcedo. Solar radio studies at Manila Observatory (1973)

Solar microwave scintillation. Radio Science 5(6):979-82, 1970

With K. Maeda. Equatorial spread-F and troposphere tropical disturbances. J. Atmos. Sci. 23:812-9, 1966 

The atomic radial density distribution in tobacco mosaic virus and turnip yellow mosaic virus by x-ray scattering (1963)


Badillo 4866 Asteroid