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Victor Bertullo

Victor Hugo Bertullo, Uruguayan veterinarian (Dolores 30 March 1919 – Montevideo 01 July 1979)

Specialized in fisheries, surveying and fishing technology


Discovered a new yeast species, Hansenula montevideo in marine fishes (1951)
Developed Bertullo-Perez Hettich fish silage method
With F. Pérez-Hettich. El ensilado de pescado. Anales de La Facultad de Veterinaria 4(4):141-9, 1956.

Conceived a new treatment for presence of Demodex in dogs.

With Theodore Pilz. Un nouveau traitement de la Demodexie canine. Recueil de Medicine Vétérinaire. Tome CXXXII, 1956. 
With Pérez Hettich patented Protein Hydrolysis US Patent 3000789 (1961)
With Aquiles H. Delfino invented Bio-Proteo-Catenulated (BPC), a protein food of high quality using yeast Hansenula montevideo (1960s)

With Celso Pereira Rivada patented  Fish Protein Hydrolysis  US Patent 3516349 (1970)