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Suri Bhagavantam

Suri Bhagavantam, Indian physicist (Agiripalli, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh 14 October 1909 – 06 February 1989)
Authored about 300 research papers

Discovered the quantum photon spin (1932)

With C.V. Raman. Experimental proof of the Spin of the Spin. Nature 129:22, 1932.
Performed the first serious study of Raman spectrum of diamond  
First to record Raman spectrum of hydrogen under high pressures
Proposed an empirical rule that the rotatory  lattice modes gives rise to strong Raman bands
Derived Bhagavantam equation
Invented wedge method of exciting ultrasonic waves in solids

Introduced familiar factor-group analysis (Bhagavantam-Venkatarayudu method) and proposed the basic theory for the vibrational spectra of crystals

With T. Venkatarayudu. Raman effect in relation to crystal structure. Proc. Indian Acad. Sciences sect. A 9(3):224-58, 1939 

Developed a simple and effective method to measure elastic constants in crystals

With J. Bhimasenachar. Elastic constants of crystals: a new method and its application to pyrites and galena. Proc. Ind. Acad. Sci. Sect A 21(5):298-303, 1944  

Bhagavantam-Suryanarayana method of enumerating the physical constants of crystals  

With D. Suryanarayana. The crystal symmetry and physical properties: application of group theory. Acta Crystallographica 2(1):21-26, 1949
With B. Ramachandra Rao. Determination of the elastic constants of isotropic media: a new method. Proc. Ind. Acad. Sci. Sect A 23(5):254-6, 1946   
With B. Ramachandra Rao. Elastic constants of alun determined by a new ultrasonic method. Nature 162:818-9, 1948
Photo-elastic behaviour of cubic crystals: new methods of distinguishing between different classes. Proc. Ind. Acad. Sci. Sect. A 37(5):585-8, 1953