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Shankar Abaji Bhise

Shankar Abaji Bhise, Indian technologist (Mumbai 29 April 1867 – New York 07 April 1935)
Developed about 200 inventions being 40 US patents


Bhise type caster

An automatic machine capable of composing 3000 characters per minute 

Rotary multiple type-caster

A machine for casting leads and rules

Automatic weighing and packing machine for railways

Shella or Rola soap (1917)

Automatic bicycle stand with a lock

An automatic dwell machine

Vertolite sign lamp

Autotoilet flusher

An electrical gadget which separated various gases from air

An engine which derived electric power energy directly from sunlight

A single process for transmitting photos telegraphically

Antimalarial drug Baseline or Besline

Medicine Atomidine