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Rodolfo R. Brenner

Rodolfo Roberto Brenner Wiebeck, Argentine biochemist (Banfield 17 July 1922 – La Plata, Buenos Aires Province 03 July 2018)

His uncle grandfather was president of Swiss Confederation 

Authored over 300 papers, 12 books and book chapters 

Performed important contributions to knowledge of the role of fatty acids in animal feeding and numerous discoveries in the biosynthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acids

Realized seminal studies on the desaturation of essential precursors forming highly unsaturated fatty acids

Demonstrated the role of insulin and other hormones in the unsaturated fatty acid synthesis and cellular composition

Demonstrated the existence of fatty acid families

Demonstrated the relationship in diabetes alterations due to absence or error in essential fatty acids synthesis

First to study the hormonal regulation of desaturase enzymes and abnormalities in fatty acid metabolism occurring in diseases


G. Burns & Von Euler Gold Medal (1985)

Supelco AOCS Research Award, American Oil Chemist’s Society (1990)