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Ramchandra Kashinath Bhide

Ramchandra Kashinath Bhide, Indian economic botanist (fl.1912-35)


With S.G. Bhalerao. The Kolamba rice of the North Konkan and its improvement by selection. India Dept. Agr. Mem. Bot. Ser. 14:199-245, 1927

With S. G. Bhalerao. Correlation studies in rice. Mem. Dept. Agric. Ind. 14(7):78-83, 1927

Inheritance and correlation of certain characters in rice crosses. Poona Agric. Col. Mag. 18:76-85, 1926

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Two important problems in rice and how to solve them. Poona Agric. Coll. Mag. 11:33-6, 1919

Preliminary note on the study of the rice varieties. Poona Agr. Col. Mag. 5:286-90, 1914


Chloris quinquesetica

Danthonidium gammiei

Dichantium paranjpyeanus

Enteropogon badamicus

Sporobolus scabrifolius

Tripogon roxburghianus


Bhidea Stapf ex Bor 1948 (Poaceae)