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Raj Chandra Bose

Raj Chandra Bose, Indian mathematician and statistician in United States (Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh 19 June 1901 – Fort Collins, Colorado 31 October 1987)
Regarded as a founder of mathematical basis for experimental design
With D.K. Ray-Chaudhuri and independent of Hocquenghem invented BCH codes (1960)
With S.S. Shrikhande constructed a Greek-Latin square of size 10 disproving a 1782 Euler conjecture (1959)
Introduced Bose-Mesner algebra (1959)
With T. Shimamoto coined the term association scheme (1952)

Invited Lecturer, International Congress of Mathematicians (1950)

Eponym of Bose theorem (1934), Bose distribution (1935) and Bose-Burton theorem (1966)