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Raimundo Braz Filho

Raimundo Braz de Souza Filho, Brazilian natural products chemist (Pacatuba, Ceará State 19 April 1935 –

Obtained rufescidride, a new arylnaphthalene type lignan and the first containing an unusual anhydride moiety (2004)

With C.R.S. Feitosa, R.C. Silva, J.E.S. A. Menezes et al. reported new ceramides for the first time in Cucurbitaceae (2011)

With D. Oevstedal, T. Fossen, R.G. Oliveira Jr, A.P. Oliveira et al. isolated the first flavonoid from Bromeliaceae Family ((2014)


A new type of chalconoid dimers (2003)

Darcyribeirine, a pentacyclic indole alkaloid (2002)

Velloziolide, a diterpene with a novel skeleton (1982)

Muscicapines, a class of guaiane-type sesquiterpene alkaloids (2005)

Diploflavone, a flavonoid (2005)

Trichotomol, a cadinenediol (2001)

Hirtinone, a cycloartane-type triterpene (2013)

Lepidotrichilins, protolimonoids (2013)

Maytensifolone, a triterpene (2013)

Aplysfistularine, a dibromotyrosine derivative (2012)

Palyosulfonoceramides, sulfonylated ceramides from zoanthids (2012)

Simiranes, diterpenes (2011)

Pungecine, tropane alkaloid (2010)

Spruceanumines, plumeram indole alkaloids  (2009)

Cymosamine, a C19 quassinoid (2005)

Bowdichinia, a diaga-adamantane alkaloid (2004)

Bowdenol, 2,3-dihydrobenfuran (2001)

7-epiclusanone, tetraprenylated benzaphenone (1999)

Glaziovianol, terpenoid hydroquinone (1999)

Botocudorol, bisabolene type nor-sesquiterpene (1991)

Vismiaefolic acid, triterpene (1990)

Sonderianin, furanoid diterpene (1981)

Compactone, diterpenoid (1979)

Laevigatin, sequiterpenoid (1978)

Porosin, neolignan (1973)  



Improved an electrophic aromatic thallation of phenol ethers (1986)

With T.C.A.B. Leal, S.P. Freitas & J.F. Silva. Simplified laboratory extraction of lemongrass essential oil by steam distillation. Ceres 48:717-22, 2001

With M. Faccione, D.T. Ferreira, H.O. Saradakis et al. A new method for asperphenamate synthesis and its antimicrobial activity evaluation. Natural Product

Reports 20:537-41, 2006 


With H.S. Abreu. Isolation method of nor-triterpene from Lophanthera lactescens presenting pharmacological activity. Number 04007 (1999)


International Award of Recognition, American Biographical Institute (1995)

International Cultural Diploma of Honor, American Biographical Institute (1995)

International Leader in Achievement, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge (1995)