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Radovan Borojevic

Radovan Borojevic, Croatian-born Brazilian morphologist and developmental biologist (Varazdin 16 November 1940 -

Established the presence of one ancestral system of totipotent stem cells in cellular differentiation in Porifera

Etude experimentale de la differentiation des cellules de l’eponge au cours de son developpement. Devel. Biol. 14:130-53, 1966

Recognized as a world reference in Calcarea class described and named 7 families, 10 genera and 34 valid species of Porifera

With A.N. Monteiro, S.A. Vinhas, G.B. Domont, P.A. Mourão et al.  Establishment of a continuous cell line from fibrotic schistosomal granulomas in mice livers. In vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. 21(7):382-90, 1985

With S.A. Vinhas, A.N. Monteiro, G.B. Domont et al. Liver connective tissue cells isolated from human schistosomal fibrosis or alcoholic cirrhosis represent a modified phenotype of smooth muscle cells. Bio Cell. 53(3):231-8, 1985

Proposed a method for quantification of anchorage-dependent cells in culture on plane surfaces or on microcarriers

With R. Margis. Quantification of attached cells in tissue culture plates and on microcarriers. Anal. Biochem. 181(2):209-11, 1989

With L.C.F. Silva & P.A.S. Mourão. Identification of a cell responsible for synthesis of sulfated-glycosaminoglycan in schistosome-induced granulomas. Int. J. Exp. Path. 71:845-56, 1991 

Experimental murine schistosomiasis mansoni. Establishment of the chronic phase of the disease. Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz 87(Suppl 4):171-4, 1992

First biochemical description of the proteoglycans produced by a liver connective tissue cell line derived from schistosomal granulomas

With L.C. Silva & P.A. Mourão. Membrane-associated and secreted proteoglycans from a continuous cell line derived from fibrotic schistosomal granulomas. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1138(2):133-42, 1992

With C.B. Palatnik, E.P. de Souza et al. Transmission of visceral leishmaniasis by blood transfusion in hamsters. Braz. J. Med. Biol. Res. 29(10):1311-5, 1996

With M.R. Custodio, I. Prokic, R. Steffen et al. Primmorphs generated from dissociated cells of the sponge Suberites domuncula: a model system for studies of cell proliferation and cell death. Mech. Ageing Dev. 105 (1-2):45-59, 1998

First to analyze a promoter of a sponge gene for its activity in a heterologous cell system from higher Metazoa

With C.C. Coutinho, J. Seack, G. Van de Vyver & W.E. Muller. Origin of the metazoan bodyplan: characterization and functional testing of the promoter of the homeobox gene Em H-3from the freshwater sponge Ephydatia muelleri in mouse 3T3 cells. Biol. Chem. 379(10):1243-51, 1998

With L.M. Alves, C.C. Werneck, R.R.C. Martins et al. A continuous lineage of rat adenohypophysis stromal cells: characterization and effects on GH(3)B(6) prolactin-secreting cell behavior. Biol. Cell 94(7-8):519-33, 2002  

First clinical trial in the world to use stem cells to regenerate heart muscle

With E.C. Perin. H.F. Dohmann, S.A. Silva & A.L. Silva. Transendocardial, autologous bone marrow cell transplantation for severe chronic ischemic heart failure. Circulation 107:2294-302, 2003

Proposed the existence of cartilage-derived progenitor cells

Proposed that hepatic stellate cells represent a particular cell population specialized in storage of lipi-soluble substances

With C.V. Rodrigues, P. Serricella, A.B. Linhares et al. Characterization of a bovine-collagen hydroxyapatite composite scaffold for bone tissue engineering. Biomaterials 24(27):4987-97, 2003

First report of a multicellular prokaryotic organism that proliferates by dividing into two equal multicellular organisms each similar to the parent one

With C.N. Keim, J.L. Martins, F. Abreu, H. Lins de Barros et al. Multicellular life cycle of magnetotactic prokaryotes. FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 240(2):203-8, 2004

First murine cholangiocyte cell line isolated from schistosomal fibrosis reported in the literature

With L.B. Chiarini. C.M. Takiya & A.M. Monteiro. Long-term culture of cholangiocytes from liver fibro-granulomatous lesions. BMC Gastroenterol. 6:13, 2006

Reported the first case of intra-arterial autologous bone marrow mononuclear cell transplantation for acute ischemic stroke

With M.L. Mendonça, G.R. Freitas, S.A. Silva, H.F. Dohmann et al. Safety of intra-arterial autologous bone marrow mononuclear cell transplantation for acute ischemic stroke. Arq. Bras. Cardiol. 86(1):52-5, 2006

First to describe an in vitro model of fibrosis, hypertrophy and remodeling induced by Trypanosoma cruzi in cardiomyocyte spheroids

With L.R. Garzoni, D. Adesse, M.J. Soares et al. Fibrosis and hypertrophy induced by Trypanosoma cruzi in a three-dimensional cardiomyocyte culture system. J. Infect. Dis. 197(6):906-15, 2008

With L. Baptista, R.J.C. do Amaral, R. Carias et al. An alternative method for the isolation of mesenchymal stromal cells derived from lipoaspirate samples. Cytotherapy 11:706-15, 2009

With A.J. Theodoro, D. Perrone & R.B. Martucci identified hepatic stellate cells are able to store and isomerise lycopene (2009)

With R.J. do Amaral, C.S. Pedrosa, M.C. Kochem, L.S. Baptista et al. isolated  human nasoseptal chondrogenic cells and proposed that they maybe a possible source cartilage tissue engineering and a model for studies of chondrogenesis (2012)

Proposed a 3D co-culture system where gastric epithelia and stromal cells are grown together building spherical and solid structures

With C.A. Santos, L.R. Andrade, M.H. Costa et al. Gastrospheres of human gastric mucosa cells: an in vitro model of stromal and epithelial  stem cell niche reconstruction. Histol. Histopathol. 31(8):879-95, 2016


With C.B. Palatnik. Processo de obtenção, extração, purificação e distinção de fml do extrato aquoso de promastigotas de L. donovani ld1s e uso de antígeno fml e das frações extraídas e definidas na sua totalidade ou qualquer de suas subfrações para a preparação de reagentes usados em imunodiagnóstico, controle de qualidade para leishmaniose no sangue utilizado para transfusão, transplante de órgãos, acompanhamento de tratamento de leishmaniose em humanos ou animais, em vacinação ou qualquer outro tratamento visando a imunoproteção ou imunoterapia da leishmaniose em animais ou humanos PI1100173-9 B1 (1997)

With C.B. Palatnik. Composição contendo frações de células de Leishmania, denominadas antígenos fml “fucose mannose ligand” ou ligante de fucose-mannose, uso do antígeno fml e de suas subfrações e componentes para as aplicações em imunodiagnóstico específico da leishmaniose visceral humana e animal para aplicações em vacinação, tratamento ou imunoterapia contra a leishmaniose visceral humana e canina. PI9302386-3 A2 (1993)


His doctoral thesis was awarded by Developmental Biology Society

Genus Borojevia Klautau, Azevedo, Condor-Luján, Rapp, Collins & Russo 2013 (Porifera)