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Pushpa Mitra Bhargava

Pushpa Mitra Bhargava, Indian biochemist (Ajmer District, Rajasthan State 22 February 1928 - Hyderabad 01 August 2017)

Authored over 125 research papers


First report on the identification of genus Pseudomonas from Continental Antarctica

With S. Shivaji, N. Shyamala Rao, L. Saisree, V. Sheth & G.S.N. Reddy. Isolation and identification of Pseudomonas spp. from Schirmacher Oasis, Antarctica. Appl. Environ. Microb. 55:767-70, 1989

With V.N. Rao. Isolation, characterisation and possible mode of action of antiseminalplasmin, a new protein that inhibits the antimicrobial activity of seminalplasmin. Biochem. J. 227:609-19, 1985

Four new and unusual proteins from bovine seminal plasma. Biochem. Soc. Trans. 9:540-3, 1981

Discovered semilplasmin or caltrin

With E.S.P. Reddy. Seminalplasmin: an antimicrobial protein from bovine seminal plasma which acts in E. coli by specific inhibition of rRNA synthesis. Nature 279:725-8, 1979

Regulation of cell division and malignant transformation. A new mode of control by uptake of nutrients. J. Theor. Biol. 68:103-37, 1977

With T. Pallaiah & E. Premkumar. Aminoacyl-transfer RNA synthetase recognition code-words in yeast transfer RNAs: a proposal. J. Theor. Biol. 29:447-69, 1970

Showed a new type of RNA in extracellular zone of normal tissues (1960s)

Co-discovered the anticancer drug 5-fluorouracil

With C. Heidelberger, K.C. Leibman & E. Harbers. The comparative utilization of uracil-2-C14 by liver intestinal mucosa and Flexner-Jobling carcinoma in the rat. Cancer Research 17(5):399-404, 1957

With C. Heidelberger discovered the nature of chemical bond between carcinogen and tissue proteins (1955-6)



With S. Shankarnarayan, C.B.S. Dutt, S. Shivaji & R. Manchanda. A cryosampler payload for aseptic air sample collections at stratospheric altitudes using balloons (2006)

Developed a simple computer program to locate repeating subsequences of all possible lengths in a given nucleic acid

With M.W. Panditr, A. S. Kolaskar & T.A. Thanaraj. Analysis of repeating oligonucleotide sequences in ribonucleic acids using an Apple II microcomputer (1986) 

With S.T. Jacob. A new method for the preparation of liver cells in suspension. Exper. Cell Research 27:453-67, 1962

With S.H. Zaheer. A new synthesis of some derivatives of 4,4'-stilbenediol. Nature 171:746-7, 1953


Discovered 9 new bacterial species from Antarctic Continent and stratosphere

With K.H. Scheit & E.S.P. Reddy. Seminal plasmin is a potent inhibitor of E. coli RNA polymerase in vitro. Nature 279:728-31, 1979 

Incorporation of radioactive aminoacids into the proteins of bull spermatozoa. Nature 179:1120-1, 1957


Bhargavaea Shivaji, Manorama, Pindi & Reddy 2009 (Bacteria)