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Otto Guilherme Bier

Otto Guilherme Bier, Brazilian bacteriologist and immunologist (Rio de Janeiro 26 March 1906 - São Paulo 22 November 1985)
From German descent
Authored over 100 works
Performed important contributions on studies of antigen-antibody reactions and complement system

With M. Siqueira found that antigen-antibody complexes can act even at the site of passive cutaneous anaphylaxis reactions evoked by unrelated antigen-antibody systems

With M. Siqueira & G. Biozzi observed that immunological competence develops eventually, even in bursectomized animals, albeit with a considerable delay in time 


Codescribed Pacheco disease in Psittacidade birds (1929)

Pacheco, G., Bier, O. Epizootie chex lês perroquets du Brésil. Relations avec Le psittacose. C.R. Séance Soc. Biol. 105:109-111, 1930.

Described serovar Salmonella butantan with Amaral, Peluffo & Biocca 1946

Published new techniques

With M.M. Mayer, A.G. Osier & M. Heidelberger. Quantitative studies of complement fixation. I. A method. J. Immunol. 59:195, 1948  

With R. Furtado & E. Cisalpino. A plate technique for the conglutinative complement fixation test. Proc. Soc. Exptl. Biol. Med. 95:335-9, 1957.

With M. Siqueira & M.B. Esteves. Quantitative studies of complement fixation. I- A simplified and accurate procedure based on 50 per cent hemolytic end point. Rev. Inst. Med. Trop. São Paulo 10:199-208, 1968.   

With I. Mota, W. Dias da Silva and N. Vaz, published Imunologia Básica e Aplicada (Fundamentals of  Immunology), translated into English and German (1973)   

Bieria Leão 1940 (Trematoda)