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Otto Guilherme Bier

Otto Guilherme Bier, Brazilian bacteriologist and immunologist (Rio de Janeiro 26 March 1906 - São Paulo 22 November 1985)
From German descent
Authored over 100 works
Performed important contributions on studies of antigen-antibody reactions and complement system

With M. Siqueira found that antigen-antibody complexes can act even at the site of passive cutaneous anaphylaxis reactions evoked by unrelated antigen-antibody systems

Hemorrhagic reactions at sites of passive cutaneous anaphylaxis in guinea pig after intravenous inoculation of unrelated immune complex. Proceed. Soc. Exper. Biol. Med. 107(4):779-84, 1961  

With M. Siqueira & G. Biozzi observed that immunological competence develops eventually, even in bursectomized animals, albeit with a considerable delay in time 


Codescribed Pacheco disease in Psittacidade birds (1929)

Pacheco, G., Bier, O. Epizootie chex lês perroquets du Brésil. Relations avec Le psittacose. C.R. Séance Soc. Biol. 105:109-111, 1930.

Showed that Bothrops venom displayed inactivant action on fourth component of complement system

Uber Komplement-inativierung durch Bothropsgift (B. jararaca). Zeitschr. F. Immunit. 11:187-94, 1932 

With M. Rocha e Silva noticed that the hemolysis is inhibited by hypertonic concentrations of NaCl (1935)

Demonstrated that role of histamine in the permeability of inflammation

With M.Rocha e Silva. Histamine as the primary cause of the increased capillary permeability in inflammation (1939)


Described serovar Salmonella butantan with Amaral, Peluffo & Biocca 1946

Described the biological role of antibodies on glomerulonephritis

With H.C. Passos, O.C. Martínez & M.S Pinheiro. Studies on the nephrotoxic activity of guinea-pig gamma 1 and gamma2 antibodies. Immun. 26(2):407-16, 1974


With R. Binaghi, M. Akashi & E. Avelar Naves. Mechanism of anaphylactic desensitization in guinea pigs. Rev. Fr. Allergol. 9(4):246-50, 1969

With C. Stiffel, A. Perini, H.C. Passos & G. Biozzi. Role of the bursa of Fabricius and the thymus in the synthesis of opsonin type antibodies. Pathol. Biol. 16(1):67-72, 1968

With M. Rocha e Silva & M. Aronson. Histamine release by anaphylatoxin. Nature 168(4272):445-6, 1951

With N. Planet. Sur la presence d’un facteur qui augmente la permeabilité papillaire dans les extraits de peau normale. C.R. Soc. Biol. 129:65, 1938



With M.S Pinheiro & R.S. Furlanetto. Amboceptor titration as a statistically controlled assay. J. Immunol. 69(3):241-6, 1952

With M.S Pinheiro & R.S. Furlanetto. Quantitative complement fixation in syphilis as a statistically controlled assay. J. Immunol. 74:51-6, 1954

With M.S Pinheiro, M.B. Esteves & P.M.Freire. Quantitative relations in complement fixation. Amer. J. Epidem. 89(3):353-7, 1969

With M.M. Mayer, A.G. Osier & M. Heidelberger. Quantitative studies of complement fixation. I. A method. J. Immunol. 59:195, 1948  

With R. Furtado & E. Cisalpino. A plate technique for the conglutinative complement fixation test. Proc. Soc. Exptl. Biol. Med. 95:335-9, 1957.

With M. Siqueira & M.B. Esteves. Quantitative studies of complement fixation. I- A simplified and accurate procedure based on 50 per cent hemolytic end point. Rev. Inst. Med. Trop. São Paulo 10:199-208, 1968.   

A simplified formula for the production of diphtheric toxin of high potency (50Lf). Rev. Bras. Biol. 3(3):325-9, 1943

Possibilidade de uma nova technica quantitativa da reação de Wassermann baseada na ação negativa dos componentes da alexina (1935)

With I. Mota, W. Dias da Silva and N. Vaz, published Imunologia Básica e Aplicada (Fundamentals of  Immunology), translated into English and German languages (1973)   

Bieria Leão 1940 (Trematoda)