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Metry Bacila

Metry Bacila, Brazilian biochemist (Palmeira, Paraná State 22 June 1922 - Curitiba 03 May 2012)

From Lebanese and Egyptian descent 

Published 419 works

Discovered the galactoseoxidase and polyoldehydrogenase of Candida sp. 

Determined the existence of enzyme galactokinase in animal tissues

Studied at molecular level biochemical and Physiological behavior in Antarctic animals concerning adaptation mechanism at extreme temperature, achieving international repercussion. 


Authored with Bernard L. Horecker & Andrés O.M. Stoppani the book Biochemistry and Genetics of Yeasts:Pure and Applied Aspects. New York Academic Press, 1978.  

Under L.F. Leloir head clarified the initial phase of galactose’s metabolism in the liver (1947) 

Demonstrated that cortical hormones inhibit glycolysis by inhibition of hexokinase

With E.S. Guzman Barron. The effect of adrenal cortical hormones on the anaerobic glycolysis and hexokinase activity. Endocrinology 54(5):591-603, 1954


Established the denaturing effect of the acylsarcosinates

With J. Nicolau. N-acylsarcosines as inhibitors of respiration and glycolysis and glycolytic enzymes. Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics 29(1):357-61, 1969.

With J.A. Alcaide. Um método prático para extrair e caracterizar os derivados do acido barbitúrico em urina. Rev. Med. Paraná 12(3):114-8, 1948


Developed Bacila-Alcaide colorimetric method for quantitative determination of barbiturates

With J.A. Alcaide. Characterization and determination of derivatives of barbiturics. I. Tribuna Farm. 17:55-59, 1949.


A dosage method for ethanol

With G. Ferencz. Sobre um método de dosagem do álcool etílico. Arqu. Biol. Tecnol. (4-7):25-30, 1949.


A reagent for precipitating alkaloids

Sobre um reativo de precipitação de alcalóides. Arqu. Biol. Tecnol. (4-7):31-2, 1949.


With H. Medina. Diphasic medium for the culture of protozoa of the genus Leishmania. Arqu. Biol. Tecnol. (9-10): 1954.


With G.G. Villela. Rapid and sensitive method for the determination of xanthine oxidase activity using the oxygen electrode. Nature 184 (4696):1394-5, 1959.

With J.H. Duarte. Um método enzimático para a determinação de adrenalina e noradrenalina pelo uso de dihidrofeniloxidase de planorbídeos (An enzyme method for determination of adrenaline and noradrenaline employing dihydropheniloxydase of Planorbids) 1961 


With D.O.Voss & J.C. Cowles. A new oxygen electrode model for the polarographic assay of cellular and mitochondrial respiration. Anal. Biochem. 6:211-12, 1963.  


Developed a polarographic method for the measurement of the available oxygen in the muscle of living carp by the use of a platinum electrode.

With P.H. Lucchiari, E.F. Feofiloff & A.T. Boscardim. A technique for the determination of the available oxygen in living carp (Cyprinus carpio) muscle. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. A. Comp. Physiol. 78(4):675-9, 1984.   


Developed an assay based on oxygen uptake assessed by polarography

With M.I. Malucelli, R. Niero & P.H. Lucchiari. Evaluation of the polarographic technique for assay of the viability of freeze-dried BCG vaccine. I. The Polarographic technique. Vaccine 13(3):268-72, 1995.

Papers in renowned magazines

With H. Medina. Reversal by acetylcholine of the inhibition by thyroxin of oxidative phosphorylation on guinea pig heart sarcosomes. Nature 184:1066, 1959

With H. Medina. The inhibition by phenothiazinic compounds of the 2,4-dinitrophenol effect on the respiration of heart muscle sarcosomes. Nature 194:547, 1962

With J. Cat, A.P. Campello, D.O. Voss & H. Braga. Respiration rates and oxidative phosphorylation of human heart sarcosomes in kwashiorkor. Lancet 24:415-6, 1963   


Illuminated Diploma of Honour in Biochemistry- the 20th Century Award for Achievement- International Biographic Center, Cambridge, England.   
Member, Biochemical Society (England)
Member, American Society for Advancement of Science
Visiting Scientist, Roche Institute for Molecular Biology, USA
Visiting Scientist, Johnson Foundation, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Visiting Professor, New York University College of Medicine
Visiting Professor, Albert Scientist College of Medicine, Yeshiva University, USA