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Martha Erps Breuer

Martha Magdalena Elisabeth Erps Breuer, German-born Brazilian laboratory technician (Frankfurt am Main 29 September 1902 – São Paulo 14 June 1977)

Former wife of world-famous architect and designer Marcel Breuer

Authored 20 papers

Co-authored a paper about species Telenomus fariai (1944) with international acclaim

With A. Dreyfus. Chromosomes and sex determination in the parasitic hymenopteran Telenomus fariai Lima. Genetics 29:75-82, 1944


With C. Pavan proposed that puffs in the polytene chromosomes could be a cytologic manifestation of genes in activity and showed that the genes are the same in all tissues of a given individual however distinct genes are turned on in distinct tissues or even in the same tissue at different times during the development (1952) independently from German W. Beermann

Polytene chromosomes in different tissues of Rhynchosciara. Journal Heredity 43:150-7, 1952  

With C. Pavan described for the first time the phenomenon of gene amplification (Pavan-Breuer phenomenon)

Behavior of polytene chromosomes of Rhynchosciara angelae at different stages of larval development. Chromosoma 7:371-86, 1955

Showed that there is RNA synthesis in chromosomal puffs

With C. Pavan. Differences in nucleic acid content of the loci in polytene chromosomes of Rhynchosciara angelae according to tissue and larval stages. In G. Schreiber. Symposium on Cell Secretion, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Pp. 90-9, 1955 



Drosophila briegeri 1954 with Pavan 

Drosophila krugi 1954 with Pavan

Rhynchosciara baschanti 1967 with Pavan

Rhynchosciara busaccai 1969

Rhynchosciara grelleti 1969

Rhynchosciara guimaraesi 1969

Rhynchosciara mathildae 1969

Rhynchosciara milleri 1955 with Pavan

Rhynchosciara papaveroi 1971 with Pavan