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Manuel Balado

Manuel Balado, Argentine neurosurgeon (Buenos Aires 06 May 1897 – Buenos Aires 24 March 1942)
Authored about 150 papers
Described the topography of optical tract, visual pathway and geniculate bodies
Described brain chronic oedema
With Carlos Malbrán described chiasmatic arachnoiditis or Balado Syndrome (1933)
With R. Morea & C. Donovan conceived iodine ventriculography for brain tumours localization
Radiografia del tercer ventriculo mediante la inyección intraventricular del lipiodol. Arch. Arg. Neurol. 2:69-77, 1928

Authored two important books: with Elizabeth Franke Das Corpus Geniculatum Externum  (1937) with international acclaim and with L. Romero & P. Noiseux Human Encephalogram (1939)