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Luigi Bogliolo

Luigi Bogliolo, Italian-born Brazilian pathologist (Sassari, Sardegna Island 18 April 1908 – Belo Horizonte 06 September 1981)
Authored about 400 scientific works 
Characterized in a precise way the anatomical figure of liver in hepatosplenic form in mansonic schistosomiasis
First to describe the anatomical figure of liver in prepostural stage of helminthiasis

Described the anatomical figure of toxemic acute form of mansonic schistosomiasis
Described Bogliolo sign of schistosomal portal hypertension

Described a new form of liver fibrosis which may develop in mansonic schistosomiasis (1957)

Distinguished cirrhosis and hepatic fibrosis (1958-9)

Established the parasitic life of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis (1946)
Described apical dental granuloma (1960), a manifestation of paracoccidiodomycosis independently of O.R. Rivas

Developed the splenoportography technique

Studied histochemically the juvenile hyaline fibromatosis classifying it as a subgroup of mucopolysaccharidosis  

With R.C. Guimarães, O. G. Costa, W.L. Tafuri & P.U. Costa. Fibromatosis hialina juvenil. Med. Cut. Iber. Lat. Amer. 5:331-40, 1975