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Jose Luis Bado

José Luis Isabelino Bado Penadés, Uruguayan orthopedist and traumatologist (Montevideo 08 July 1903 – Montevideo 19 December 1977)

Authored 130 scientific papers and 12 books

Conjectured the existence of a hypoplasia or muscle aplasia of congenital origin in order to explain congenital deformities

Explained the etiopathogeny of congenital dislocation of patella by a muscular defect

Demonstrated the existence and consequent function of myodysplasia under distinct forms and times of congenital luxation of pelvis

Gave important contributions to setting of flatfoot and spastic valgus  

Presented a new approach in the treatment of traumatic paraplegic patients in his work Traumatismos raquimedulares (1940)

Demonstrated the fragmentary engagement in duck beak fractures of calcaneus

Developed orthopedic instrumentation and apparatuses such as a horizontal chirotractor that bears his name used in treatment of wrist and forearm fractures (1945)

Described adolescent conjugal chondropathy or femoral head epiphysiolysis

Suggested the term Monteggia lesion (1967) 

Proposed a clinical sign for patellar dysplasia 

First to describe the changes that reduction manoeuvres cause in distinct periarticular muscles (1959) and developed a technique for correcting them (1964)

Miodisplasia congênita de la cadera. Medicina XLIV (944):359-71, 1964


Bado-Sutherland-Campbell technique for treatment of coxarthrosis

Bado technique for relapsing reduction of shoulder

Bado method of internal fixation by fibular graft for treatment of femoral neck (1946)

Modified Key intra-articular arthrodesis of knee 


Bado doll 

Bado-Cagnoli sign or Bado maneuver for distinguishing rupture of internal meniscus

Bado sign for radiographic diagnosis of bone echinococcosis

Bado classification for Monteggia fractures

Bado syndrome or short ischiosural syndrome