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Jorge Boshell Manrique

Jorge Boshell Manrique, Colombian medical entomologist and hygienist (Subachoque, Cundinamarca 08 October 1903 – Bogotá 06 March 1976)
Demonstrated that Haemagogus spp. are arboreal mosquitoes

With J.C. Bugher, E. Osorno & M. Roca García. Epidemiology of jungle yellow fever in Eastern Colombia. American J. Hygiene 39:16-51, 1944

First to describe the vertical stratification of mosquitoes in the wild (1940s)

Realized the possibilities of the method of maintaining Haemagogus adults isolated in individual tubes

Described genus Moyanella (Acari) and 25 Acari species with Kerr (1942)

Described Diptera species Aedes scutellalbum
Kerriboshellia Gabrys 1999 (Acari) 
Subgenus Boshkerria Fauran 1959 (Acari)