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João Barbosa Rodrigues

João Barbosa Rodrigues, Brazilian naturalist (São Gonçalo do Sapucaí, Minas Gerais State 22 June 1842 – Rio de Janeiro 06 March 1909)

Performed studies about botany, etnography, archaeology, climatography and phytogeography

Discovered 538 orchid species that were described by Martius in Flora Brasiliensis

Described 20  valid genera of plants in Brazilian flora (being 16 of them from Orchidaceae family ), 347 new species of Orchidaceae family and 382 new species of Arecaceae plants

Described fossil reptile species Purussaurus brasiliensis 1891

Performed physiological studies about curare and its antidote (1878)

Formulated pariquine, a medicamentous preparation against hepatic disturbances that learned from Parinquins natives (1894)

Conceived a collapsible compass for cranial and bizygomatic measures   

Published Sertum Palmarum Brasiliensium, that attained international repercussion (1903)

Published Genera et specie orchidearum novarum (1877-82), with diagnoses of more than 700 orchid species, recognized with a Gold Medal from Academie des Sciences de Paris  


Brodriguesia Cowan 1981 (Fabaceae)

Barbosella Schlechter 1918 (Orchidaceae)

Barbrodria Luer 1981 (Orchidaceae)