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John Brereton Barlow

John Brereton Barlow, South-African cardiologist (Cape Town 24 October 1924 – Johannesburg 10 October 2008)
Known for his work on the pathogenesis and mechanisms of late systolic murmurs and mitral non-ejection clicks showing that these were usually due to billowing of the mitral valve and also described associated features

Described mitral valve prolapse or Barlow syndrome

With W.A. Pocock, P. Marchand & M. Denny. The significance of late systolic murmurs. Am. Heart J. 66:443-52, 1963
With C.W.Barlow, Z.A. Ali, E. Lim & F.C. Wells. Modified technique for mitral repair without ring annuloplasty. Ann. Thorac. Surg. 75(1):298-300, 2003


Seymour Medal, Wesley Medical Center (1984)

André Allard Medal, International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine (1987)

Louis & Arthur Lucian Award, McGill University (1994)

Walter Bleifeld Memorial Award, International Society of Heart Failure (1996)


Barlow mitral valve

Barlow murmur (late apical murmur)

Barlow maneuver