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Jogendra Chandra Bardhan

Jogendra Chandra Bardhan, Indian synthetic organic chemist (Swarnagram, Bangladesh 15 October 1896 – Calcutta 23 December 1964)

Created Bardhan-Sengupta synthesis of phenanthrene

With S.C. Sengupta. Resin acids. Part I. Synthesis of phenanthrene hydrocarbons derived from d-pimaric acid, and a new route to phenanthrene. J. Chem. Soc. 2520-6, 1932
First to obtain a ketone that presents cyclical system of estrogenic hormones (nor-deoxydehydro-equilenine) in Nature 134:217, 1934
With B.B. Datta. Synthesis of polycyclic compounds. Part IV. A shorter route to indeno (2’, 3’, 1,2) phenanthrene and its analogues. J. Chem. Soc. 3974, 1962

Eponym of Bardhan method for preparation of methyl p-ketoadipate (1936) and Bardhan synthesis