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Jagdish Chandra Bose

Jagdish Chandra Bose, Indian-Bengali physicist and biophysicist (Bikrampur, Munshiganj District, Bangladesh 30 November 1858 – Giridih, Jharkhand, India 23 November 1937)
Measured refractive index from a number of substances  

Invented galen detector the first semiconductor and was the first to employ it as a detector of electric rays and radio waves  (1904)

Demonstrated that electromagnetic waves weren’t obstructed by solid walls and it could be transmitted wireless (1895)

Demonstrated radiotransmission independently of Marconi (1895)

First to use semiconductor junction for detecting radio waves

Suggested the existence of Sun electromagnetical radiation (confirmed in 1944)

Discovered metal fatigue and retrieval  
Showed that materials fatigue was due to molecular cyclic changes

Since 1915 concentrated in plant physiological studies  

Invented crescograph in order to study plants physical motion and growth rate

Invented transpirograph and photossinthetic recorder

Demonstrated plants minute movements under external stimulation

Demonstrated electric nature conduction occurring due many stimuli in plants

Showed that plant tissues produce electrical response similar that animal under distinct kinds of stimulation

Claimed have observed neural microscopic threads in vascular bundles that demonstrated activity when adjacent parts were stimulated

Proposed the theory that electromechanical pulsations of living cells were responsible for sap ascension in plants (1927). These cells would be like cardiac pulsating cells lying on cortical tissue in crescent layers. This theory is alternative to Dixon-Joly hypothesis.   

First to study the action of microwaves in plant tissues and correspondent changes in cellular membrane potencial  


General Law of responsive motion “the mechanical response occurs on concavity of most excited side of plant”

Laws of polar excitation in plants

Growth Laws  

Laws about curvature of responsive growth  

Electric response laws  

Law of polar effects under high electromotive forces

Torsional response laws



Mercury coherer with a phone (1899)

Many microwaves components (1890s)

Ressonance Recorder

Conductivity Balance

Magnetic Radiometer

A new electric polariscope (1895)


A producing apparatus of very short waves electric radiations


Horn antennas


Dielectric lenses


Electromagnetic radiation detectors

Oscillating recorder

Diametric contraction apparatus

Kunchangraph, a device analogous to miograph

Recording microscope for record the growth of roots


Recording optical lever

Electro thermal recorder



Bosea Das et al. 1996 (Bacteria)