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Isaac Berconsky

Isaac Berconsky, Russian-born Argentine cardiologist (Alexandrov, Russia 17 November 1899 - 1971)


With Pedro Cossio and Tiburcio Padilla performed the fourth cardiac catheterization in the world and the first in American Continent (1932)

With P. Cossio & T. Padilla. Sondeos del Corazón. Tecnica. Semana Medica 28(2):79-82, 1932.

With P. Cossio. Insuficiência cardíaca inaparente (Nueva entidad fisiopatologica). Rev. Arg. Cardiol. 1, 1934 Non-apparent cardiac insufficience (new physiopathologic entity)

Described Post tachycardia syndrome or Cossio-Berconsky syndrome

Syndrome post-tachycardique (Post tachycardia syndrome). American Heart Journal 33:270, 1947.


Cossio-Berconsky-Gonzalez Sabatié-Vedoya sign. An engorgement of left jugular vein by expansion of aortic crook