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Guillermo Berraz

Guillermo Berraz Gebhardt, Argentine chemist (Esperanza, Santa Fe Province 28 November 1899 – 10 April 1985)

From Swiss ancestry

Described a procedure for the separation of inorganic ions by the action of an electric current along a filter paper and suggested the term electrocromatography independently of Belgian H. Lecoq

Electrocapillary analysis. Ann. Asoc. Quim. Argentina 31:96-7, 1943 & Anal. Inst. Invest. Cient. Technol. Univ. Nac. Litoral 12-3:67-9, 1943


Viscosímetro rotativo electromagnetico (Rotary electromagnetic viscosimeter). Ann. Inst. Investig. Cient. Tecnol. 2:79-84, 1931 

With E. Virasoro developed a new photo-electric pyrometer

With E. Virasoro. Thallous sulfide photocells. Design and Characteristics (1963)