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Guido Beck

Guido Beck, Austrian physicist in Latin America (Reichenberg 29 August 1903 – Rio de Janeiro 21 October 1988)

Worked in Argentina (1943-51; 1963-75) and Brazil (1951-63; 1975-88)

First to explain the α-anomalous scattering 

Demonstred that many features of photoelectric effect don’t mean evidence for the existence of photons independently of Wentzel (1927)

With L. Horsley obtained a 1/v law independently of Fermi, Bethe, Perrin & Elsasser (1937)

Described radioactive quantum field 

One of the first to discuss the concept of quasiparticle momentum (1954)

Proposed a new space-time (1953)

With P.S.M. Macedo a new representation of the spin variables

Gave the first exact solution of Einstein’s field equations for gravitational waves as well as a demonstration that these equations don’t imply Mach’s principle (1926)

Showed that the average behavior of a harmonic oscillator according to quantum mechanics is the same as that due to the radiation reaction in classical electrodynamics (1927)

Developed a theory of scattering

Discovered the process of pair creation in a Coulomb field independently of Oppenheimer & Plesset (1933)

With K. Sitte developed a β-disintegration theory (1934)

Proposed a layer model for atomic nucleus 

Discovered the law of conservation of lepton number (1935) before Konopinski and Mahmoud

Derived a theorem about a definition of nucleon (1938)

Gave an exact solution of the equations describing two fixed particles interacting with an uncharged scalar field (1939)


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