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Gernot Bergold

Gernot Hildebrand Bergold, Austrian-born Venezuelan virologist (Oderfurt, Austria 19 June 1911 – Caracas 05 February 2003)

Authored 85 works

Described the rod-shaped nature of baculovirus virions (1943)

First to demonstrate crystalline bodies of polyhedrosis under electron microscope (1947)

First demonstrated yellow fever virus under electron microscope

Identified and demonstrated the morphology of arenavirus group members such as Tacaribe, Junín, Machupo and others

Demonstrated the ultrastructure of a number of arthropod-borne virus

With F. Herold & J. Weihel isolated and demonstrated under electron microscope Rhabdoviruses in plants (1960)

First demonstrated polyheder virus in electron microscopy in Isolation of the polyheder virus and the nature of polyheders. Zeitschr. Naturfors. 2B: 122-43, 1964

Described two orchid species: Sudamerlycaste dunstervillei 1996 & Coryanthes lagunae 2004 with Manara 



A device for preparation of primary cell cultures used in growing yellow fever virus

A device for plate counting in cell cultures

With Octavio Suarez. A little metal needle adapted to a glass microcapillary for inoculating virus in mosquitoes

A nebulizer for concentrated virus suspensions


Bergoldia Steinhaus (Virus)

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